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About Us

A unique one acre garden space with a house one hundred years old this year, Traces Garden is your place for seeds, soils, herbs, plants, soil amendments, and pest control. And of course, heirloom tomatoes. For more than fifteen years, Tanya Chatterton has been green and growing organic in Salt Lake City before most people knew what organic meant. You are invited to stop by 1432 South 1100 East in Salt Lake City to discover how love and plants grow in their timeless way. Phone 801 467 9544.

At Traces Organic Garden, our name says it all. Here we are all about organic heirloom seeds, soil, fertilizer, pest control, and compost. No GMOs! We also feature a wealth of organic herbs, both culinary and medicinal. We’re to help you with free classes and advice. Look for more and more fresh veggies for sale soon. At Traces Organic Garden we dig what we do. For you.

HOURS: We Are Now Open Monday to Saturday 11AM to 5PM, Sundays Noon-4PM. Traces Garden is a working organic garden full of good and growing things.

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