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Gardening Tips

CatalystWHEN TO PLANT: Catalyst Magazine and Wasatch Community Gardens offer a great guide for when to plant your vegetables (and how and what plants grow best together.) It’s packed full of useful info.

You can download a convenient PDF of the When to Plant Guide Here.

Mini cloches are great for getting your cold weather greens growingGET AN EARLY START: You don’t need a massive greenhouse to get a ahead on your planting. Mini cloches work great for a getting a good jump start. They are quite affordable.

If you have your starts indoors right now, think about putting them outside so they can harden. Just remember to bring them in at night.

AMEND YOUR SOIL: A light soil will make your garden grow faster and more vigorously.

ADD WORMS TO YOUR GARDEN: Red Wigglers will both aerate and enrich your soil.

SUPPORT YOUR PLANTS: panacea-inverted-red-tomato-cageTo grow best, some plants like tomatoes and beans need a little help to stay upright and off the ground. Not only does a little support conserve space in your garden, but it makes for easier picking when it’s time for harvest. A few suggestions here.

GROW YOUR MELONS VERTICALLY ON A TRELLIS You can find some great info on how to grow melons (and cucumbers)vertically on trellises at Your melons will need support. Old tee shirts, panty hose, or stockings work great for making hammocks for your melons.

LEARN THE DIFFERENCE between determinate and indeterminate tomatoes here.

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