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Organic Fruits and Vegetables

veggies 041713Look for info on our incredible organic heirloom tomatoes here. Click links below for more offerings:

Kale: Seeds and Starts.
Chilis and Peppers:Seeds and Starts.
Eggplant: Seeds and Starts.
Onions: Walla Walla and White Sweet Spanish in pots.
Cauliflower:Snow Crown in pots.
Brussel Sprouts: Franklin in pots.
Cucumbers in pots and seed: Sweet Success, Armenian, Bush Pickle, Lemon.

butternut squashSquash: We gots lots of squash in seed and pots, including Yellow Straightneck, Early Summer Crookneck, Acorn, Spaghetti, and Waltham Butternut. Squash

Check back soon for more info on all our vegetable listings.

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