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Traces Open House Update

OUR 2011 SEPTEMBER OPEN HOUSE WAS A GREAT SUCCESS. We look forward to hosting another event sometime in late summer.

FROM 2011: Here’s the latest on our open house this Saturday from 4 PM to 7 PM celebrating one hundred years of garden love. Casee and John Francis of Amour Spreads will be showcasing gourmet jams & marmalade’s created from Traces Garden Fruit. We will also have light food from the garden. Come taste and compare our delectable organic heirloom tomatoes. Bring your favorite recipes to share.

DID YOU KNOW? The original owners of our property the Kimball family was practicing organic and green gardening from the very beginning one hundred years ago? There is a story behind our linden tree too.

We look forward to seeing you.

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  1. roan says:

    I’m tanya’s grandson and today we went to the pumpkin patch and brought pumpkins to the shop.