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Coleus: A Colorful Annual in Partial Sun or Shade

Kong Scarlet ColeusColeus may require some care, but it’s worth it. Southern Living writes:

Gardeners want lots of show for not much dough. That’s why they should plant coleus. It costs little, grows quickly, and has the gaudiest foliage imaginable. It’s equally happy in the ground or in a pot. And from the time it’s planted until a hard freeze in fall, it supplies eye-popping color

A tropical plant usually treated as an annual, coleus owes its appeal to phenomenal genetic variability. There is hardly a leaf color, shape, size, or growth habit that coleus hasn’t mastered. Red, orange, yellow, or pink leaves. Huge, scalloped, frilly, or tiny leaves. A plant that creeps, a plant that stands tall, coleus does it all.

Boring is out. At Traces Organic Garden, Wild Lime Coleus and Kong Scarlet coleus are both in stock now. Technicolored and textured, coleus is perfect in a shady party of your garden.

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